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Choi Beomgyu/Huening Kai/Kang Taehyun

You should really take a break, that's probably not good for you.

  • It's also really sharp on high resolution laptop displays, which is more cool in terms of the fact that you can see it better and see a wider area because the screen is bigger.

  • In addition to those things, I have a particular love for themes where the images have a logical order.

  • This is mainly because this website is failing to get enough traffic to sustain work on it 😢 I have a grand finale lined up to go live in two weeks: Custom tile images for 2048.


Now imagine you want to write a story.

  • Because if the site doesn't make enough money, we'll have to go back to doing something boring to pay the bills : Suga Day Results March 9, 2022 We hope everyone has had a happy Suga Day.

  • There was a deep sense, among a vocal niche of people invested in the indie games scene, that the Threes guys had been screwed over by the global phenomenon of 2048.

  • Over a year of work, and it took just three weeks for the first clone to appear.