Jaiko doraemon - Maeda Atsuko becomes for Toyota's 'Doraemon' CM

Doraemon jaiko Thomas/Doraemon

Doraemon jaiko Jaiko Gouda

Doraemon jaiko Cartoonist Jaiko

Doraemon jaiko Doraemon: Doraemon

Doraemon jaiko Cartoonist Jaiko

Doraemon jaiko Goda Jaiko

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Jaiko Gouda

Doraemon jaiko Jaiko Gouda

Prime Video: Doraemon

Jaiko Gouda

Doraemon possesses a pocket from which he can acquire various kinds of futuristic tools, gadgets, and playthings from a future.

  • Though he would makes comments or conversations that affect Nobita considerably in one way or another.

  • Her name Jaiko is usually considered a nickname in the same vein as her brother; her given name is never revealed in the series.

  • In the future, it is shown that in spite of Shizuka's friendship with Dekisugi, she still marries Nobita while Dekisugi himself is wed to another woman.

Doraemon: Doraemon Main Characters List & Details

Nobita sprays the gas on a pole and hurts Gian, Suneo, a dog and a car driver by taking their name on a microphone.

  • Dù cũng học kém không khác gì ông bố Nobita nhưng bù lại cậu rất mạnh mẽ và giỏi thể thao hơn hẳn bố mình, đặc biệt là môn.

  • Doraemon uses the 'come come mirror' to attract the bird, but the bird returns to its cage on its own.

  • Nobita Nobi Nobita , is one of the main characters of the series and the center of the story.

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