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'Endemic' Disease Meaning Explained as Experts Predict COVID Could Become One

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What Does Endemic Mean?

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Meaning endemic What does

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Clean water, sanitation, rehydration treatment, and vaccines can easily prevent many of the deaths that cholera currently causes.

  • While having zero disease may be the desired outcome for many diseases, endemic refers to the baseline, observed level of the disease.

  • People travel to different countries and continents more often than before.

  • It originated in India, but in the , it caused an outbreak that ultimately spread across the globe.


The way we look at the daily case statistics will also need to change and be focussed on the number of high-risk cases rather than total numbers of infected.

  • It is highly infectious, caused by the varicella zoster virus.

  • The Aedes mosquito carries viruses that can cause dengue fever.

  • Greater urbanization also means that many people live in densely populated towns and cities.

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