Mid valley 美食 - 【好吃+好朋友=完美!】Mid Valley Megamall 10大必吃美食

美食 mid valley 【KL吉隆坡午餐美食】Midvalley上班族别滑过龙!LG楼Makan Place“抵食”鸡饭+黄金全腿炸鸡

美食 mid valley [Food 美食]

美食 mid valley 谷中城花园广场

美食 mid valley 谷中城花园广场

美食 mid valley 谷中城花园广场

美食 mid valley K Cook


美食 mid valley 【好吃+好朋友=完美!】Mid Valley

美食 mid valley 【必收藏】Cheras美食地图!推荐20家美食餐馆! (上部

美食 mid valley K Cook

美食 mid valley Mid Valley

【好吃+好朋友=完美!】Mid Valley Megamall 10大必吃美食


  • Location: T-K03, 3rd Floor Tel: 1800-88-3474 SHUCKED Oyster and Seafood Bar offers seriously fine fresh seafood accompanied by chilled Champagne, white wine or Prosecco at your convenience as you stroll through The Gardens Mall.

  • Taste our specialty — freshly shucked OYSTERS including Irish Gallagher Specials, Fines de Claires, delicious Dutch flat native oysters, tasty Tasmanian Prime and creamy Coromandel from New Zealand.

  • Bring your appetite and devour their free flow sliced beef, mutton, chicken, homemade sushi and maki, as well as 26 other delicious items in their healthy bar.

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