Fmco malaysia - Government Announces FMCO Full Lockdown Nationwide From 1 June Onwards

Malaysia fmco 5 States

Malaysia fmco 5 States

Malaysia fmco Government Announces

Malaysia: Full Movement Control Order

Malaysia fmco Malaysia: Full

Malaysia extends MCO 3.0 for second time

Malaysia fmco FMCO in

Malaysia FMCO

Malaysia fmco Full Movement


Malaysia fmco FMCO in

Malaysia fmco Full Movement

Malaysia fmco Malaysia FMCO

Malaysia fmco FMCO SOPs:

[Updated] Complete List Of Official Nationwide MCO SOP 2021

People are in general using more e-wallet brands now, with most owning and using an average of 3 different e-wallets, which is an increase from before.

  • News coverage on recessions, major investors potentially pulling-out from Malaysia, economic downturn, etc.

  • Im tired of em all.

  • The people were now stuck in the dilemma of implementing a full scale lock down which would likely hurt everyone financially or let the hell break loose and everyone will get a taste of apocalypse.