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  • If or when applied to an object, a force is said to produce positive work if it has a component in the direction of displacement of the site of application.

  • MIN Returns the minimum value of the items identified inside the parentheses.

  • In this article, we have covered various topics for work formula in Physics.

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Related: How to calculate work in process The following steps show you how to find the work in process using the formula: 1.

  • Energy is transferred to the briefcase and could in turn be used to do work.

  • FAQs on Formula for Work What Is the Work Formula? Calculating the Work You Do to Push a Lawn Mower Across a Large Lawn How much work is done on the lawn mower by the person in Figure 1a if he exerts a constant force of 75.

  • My recommendation is to first read this lesson explaining what work is in physics and then take this quiz without using a calculator.