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More than 40,000 land VTL tickets sold hours after quota was reinstated, Latest Singapore News

Note that no additional reminders are provided anywhere else after this sign.

  • The journey from departing Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange to exiting Larkin Sentral took just 1 hour and 19 minutes.

  • Singapore on Dec 22 last year in view of rising cases of infection globally due to the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

  • Previously, tickets sold are one-way tickets to and from Singapore, however, Transtar Travel recently introduced a two-way ticket in partnership with Raffles Medical Group.

Transtar Travel VTBS • Transtar Travel Vaccinated Travel Bus Service (VTBS) • JB Larkin Sentral

However, this number could change based on the Covid-19 situations in both countries so it's best to constantly check the news for the latest updates.

  • Read our overview of all the , or find and compare.

  • You can contact their offices via telephone or by fax.

  • How I wish that would actually grant me entry into Malaysia for 11 months.

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