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He was killed by Akainu which become now the Marine fleet commander.

  • He will have a bounty that would definitely be above 1.

  • Read Also: How strong is mihawk As we all know Mihawk holds the title of the most powerful swordsman in the world, one of the most titles in One Piece the same as the most powerful man in the world for Whitebeard, and the most powerful creature for Kaido.

  • ONE PIECE Bounty Rush تحظى بضوابط تحكم مكيفة بشكل جيد لتناسب الشاشات التي تعمل عن طريق اللمس، مع 'عصا التحكم' في يسار الشاشة وأزرار الهجوم على يمينها.


Paradoxically, Luffy is proof that Bounties aren't true measures of one's strength or worth.

  • He can create super-strong candy constructs on a whim as well as turn people into candy statues.

  • However, Black Beard's achievements reiterate that pirates with high Bounties aren't to be taken lightly.

  • As Commodore Brannew shows an example of just how dangerous the seas have become now, he reveals that Whitebeard had a bounty 5,046,000,000 berries and compare this to the former Pirate King's impressive 5,564,800,000 berries and this shows just how much the Navy featured these two super powers.