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The 88-floor towers are constructed largely of reinforced concrete, with a steel and glass facade designed to resemble motifs found in , a reflection of Malaysia's religion.

  • The art gallery is called Ilham Gallery and located on Levels 3 and 5, dedicated to be a resource for those engaged in contemporary arts, many local and international masterpieces are exhibited there.

  • The Sears Tower also reached a taller total height of 527 meters to tip of the antenna.

  • Wind and Earthquake Resistant Buildings: Structural Analysis and Design.


The 2 meters of difference from the previous height was due to cartography and geodesy, according to the researchers.

  • In 2010's , the fictional Panau Falls Casino is based on the Petronas Towers.

  • As a result of the Malaysian government specifying that the buildings be completed in six years, two construction consortia were hired to meet the deadline, one for each tower.

  • The architect for the development is Veritas Design Group, which has designed many other skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, including some supertall towers, the best known ones are M101 Skywheel and Oxley Towers.

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