Tajuddin press conference - How Tajuddin’s boorish conduct united Malaysians in their outrage

Press conference tajuddin Tajuddin deserves

After disastrous press conference, ex

Press conference tajuddin After disastrous

Tajuddin probed for not wearing face mask (Video)

Press conference tajuddin Prasarana Chairman

Tajuddin removed as Prasarana chairman after gaffes in handling LRT crash

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Press conference tajuddin Public transport

Press conference tajuddin Tajuddin removed

Press conference tajuddin Prasarana Chairman

Tajuddin Removed As Prasarana Chairman By Tengku Zafrul Aziz

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Tajuddin Abdul Rahman

A day after his sacking, Tajuddin was called in for questioning by the MACC and later released.

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  • An online petition calling for him to step down, had also gone viral.

  • Police also confirmed on Wednesday that they are investigating Tajuddin for violating Covid-19 standard operating procedures by failing to wear a face mask during a press conference.

Tajuddin sacked as Prasarana chairman after presser fiasco — The True Net

PETALING JAYA: Netizens are rejoicing over the news that the finance ministry had sacked Prasarana chairman Tajuddin Abdul Rahman.

  • Tajuddin was sacked as Prasarana chairman on Wednesday following his controversial press conference a day after the worst LRT accident in history, which left 213 injured and more than 60 sent to hospital.

  • Najib said Tajuddin should also say sorry to the Chinese national reporter from Phoenix Television.

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