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Rowling j.k Political views

Rowling j.k Political views

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J.K. Rowling Casts Transphobic Tweets Again

Rowling j.k JK Rowling

Political views of J. K. Rowling


A creative detour from her misfortunes.

  • In The Christmas Pig, a young boy loses his favourite stuffed animal, a pig, and the Christmas Pig guides him through the fantastical Land of the Lost to retrieve it.

  • Mother Anne died of multiple sclerosis before ever having had the opportunity to enjoy the monumental success of daughter Joanne's Harry Potter novels and movies.

  • Lumos has advocated for reform in orphanage care in since 2013, working with an orphanage west of.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The Rowlings settled in Yate, where Pete started work as an assembly-line production worker at the Siddeley factory.

  • In late 1993, with a draft of Harry Potter in her suitcase, Rowling moved with her daughter to , Scotland, planning to stay with her sister through Christmas.

  • Discussing the slavery of within Harry Potter, scholars such as have praised the books' sentiments, viewing Hermione's as a model for younger readers' political engagement.

  • In response, Ms Rowling tweeted a picture of Alex Drummond, who she called a 'white, bearded, Stonewall-approved lesbian', after claiming she had 'stirred up hate' for posting pictures of 'black lesbians marching for their rights'.

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