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Who Is Dominic Fike From 'Euphoria' And Why Is He Such A Big Deal?

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The immense popularity of the program can likely be traced to decisions like including popular figures such as Fike.

  • While we get to see our back in action at East Highland High, we also are introduced to new drama and characters, including Elliot.

  • In flashbacks, , his relationship with his best friend, and how a pregnancy may or may not have changed the trajectory of his life forever.

  • Hello this is me coming out as an Elliot fan.

Does Elliott Die in Euphoria? Theories

One thing that many probably don't know is that Dominic Fike was actually — but his character was written out of the show.

  • In the official trailer for season 2, we caught a glimpse of Rue's new friend — or, perhaps, something more, as Jules seemed pretty jealous in the clip.

  • So what the f—k you want? Read on to know all about Dominic Fike aka Elliot.

  • Attempts to better understand how he's come to be the way he is, though, at least help paint a fuller picture of the closest thing Euphoria has to a true villain.

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